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Our work

Our Work

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Dan Ariely: Dating & Relationships

In this special Whiteboard Animation, Dan Ariely discusses the paradox of choice in the “Age of Tinder,” and gives advice for modern dating and relationships.

This animation was an initiative of White Animation, our department for Whiteboard Animations.

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Schusterman Foundation – 2D animation

  • Client: Schusterman Foundation
  • Concept and Production: Silueta

Your 2015 year summary

  • Concept and Production: Silueta

A different way to summarize 2015 year.

Sandisk – step into technology

  • Client: Sandisk
  • Creative and Production: Silueta

Encouraging girls to enter the world of technology.

Maze 9

  • Client: Tel Aviv Municipality
  • Creative and Production: Silueta

ArchitecTALK by Caesarstone

  • Client: Caesarstone
  • Agency: Allenby
  • Video Production: Silueta

The most renowned Israeli architects talk about the coming trends in world architecture.

Why I am a Jew?

  • Client: Rabbi Jonathan Sacks' Office
  • Produced and Directed by: Silueta and Whiteanimation

In this new whiteboard animation, Rabbi Sacks explains why he is proud to be a Jew and what it is about Judaism that makes it so unique. This passionate appeal calls on Jews around the world, from across the political and religious spectrum, to connect to their people, heritage and faith.

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  • Client: Whiplr
  • Agency: Moustache
  • Production: Silueta

A commercial for Whiplr’s app.

Xtreamer Bezeq

  • Agency: Mazzawi Adv
  • Client: Bezeq
  • Production Company: Silueta

A commercial for the arab speakers – Bezeq Xtreamer

 Logo Bezeq

Director: Omri Roth
Cinematographer: Pablo Arcuschin
Line Producer: Yftach Kedem
A. Director: Tal Grinberg
Editor: Yotam Sas

The Governmental Printer

  • Agency: Lapam
  • Client: The Governmental Printer
  • Production and Concept: Silueta

2D Animation Video.



One Moment

  • Client: Tel Aviv Municipality
  • Production and Concept: Silueta

One Moment – Art at unusual places

Videoclip that we produced for the Tel Aviv Municipality.

tel aviv 02

Producer: Pablo Arcuschin

Director and Editor: Amir Cohn

Aditional photography: Shay Keidar

After Effects: Yotam Vazana

Music Thanks: Itzik Finly – Bunny on Acid and Muzik – Music School

929 Project – Genesis 36-40

  • Client: Matach (CET)
  • Concept and Production: Silueta
  • Project: 929 תנך ביחד

Week Summary – Genesis – Chapters 36-40 . Part of 929 Project. Reading the Bible together

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Sheeba Hospital

  • Production and Creative: Silueta
  • Client: Sheeba Hospital

A raise awareness video about the doctor-patient relationship.


Prime Minister Office

  • Concept and Production: Silueta
  • Agency: Lapam
  • Client: Israel Prime Minister Office

Short Whiteboard Animation that sums up the main successes of the Israeli government in its first year.

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  • Production and Concept: Silueta

Social initiative to replace parking tickets with volunteering in the community.

Wedding Venue

  • Production and Concept: Silueta

Special concept video for a wedding venue.

You can change it

  • Production: Silueta
  • Concept: Ido Cohen
  • Client: Hoshen

Raising awareness campaign about the difficulties of the LGBT community.



  • Production and Concept: Silueta
  • Client: Kaltura (ex TVinci)

Whiteboard animation explainer about OTT service.

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  • Production: Silueta
  • Coreographer: Nadav Zelner

Short crazy dance in a white limbo studio.

Tel Aviv Prizes

  • Production and Concept: Silueta
  • Client: Tel Aviv Municipality

Interviews with Israeli leading artists in the performing arts, winners of Rosenbloom Prize.

Link: The 2014 Rosenbloom Prizes NEW Video

tel aviv 02

Our Clients

Tel Aviv Municipality
Prime Minister Office
Israel Experience
Herzliya Municipality


The Jewish Agency
The Hebrew University


Sheeba Hospital
World Zionist Organization
Adam Teva veDin
Bazek Alim



That's what we do.

Video Production

In Silueta we provide production services from the creative thinking till the publishing of the videos.

Whiteboard Animation

With the experience of many whiteboard animation videos, we are one of the leading companies in the field of this special animation technique. 


We create creative campaigns for Tv, Social Media, Graphic, Press. The whole package is made inhouse.

About Silueta

We are a production company based in Tel Aviv.

Since 2012 Silueta provides creative ideas and production services to a wide range of companies in Israel and all over the world.
We bring to our customers the freshness of the Israeli thinking together with our unique way of making videos.
The whole production, from the Idea till the final product and distribution, happens in-house.
We specialize in commercials for TV and for the web, animation explainers, whiteboard animation videos, and artistic projects.

Our Team

Pablo Arcuschin

Pablo Arcuschin

Founder - Business Development
Omri Roth

Omri Roth

Founder - Operations Manager
Pablo Arcuschin

Pablo Arcuschin

Founder - Business Development
Omri Roth

Omri Roth

Founder - Operations Manager

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